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Style Makeover

Work with Samantha 1:1 and experience Samantha's signature style makeover where you & your style will level up and be transformed.


Personal Style Development

Body Shape Identification & Education
Closet Cleansing
Personal Shopping

Personalized Style Look book of Styled Outfits
Private Text Communication

+ More




We create a style personality that aligns with you, your goals, who you want to be, and your lifestyle. We'll tackle any style blocks that are currently happening. You'll also receive education on what your body shape is and what cuts/fits align with how you want to shape your body shape.



We go deep into the closet and edit what does not serve you in your closet to make room for items that do. We'll understand what items need to be donated or added into your wardrobe that align with your style personality and body shape.



While you build your empire, Samantha will build your wardrobe by shopping for the right pieces that will complete your wardrobe based on what we've discussed in the previous steps.



Samantha will create and style outfits for you in a style look book so you don't have to stress about what pieces go together. You'll have ready to go, prestyled looks that make getting ready fast, easy, and fun again.

The Process

75 day Challenge that teaches you style & mental strength that creates a leveled up wardro

75-Day Challenge that teaches you style & mental strength to create a leveled up wardrobe and mindset for your every day style. Begins December 2023.

Price increases October 31.


IG/Tiktok Partnerships

If you are a company or brand that wants to hire Samantha for social media partnerships, campaigns, or for photography/video productions, please inquire at for her media kit/rates. 

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