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How to Create  stylish Outfits

Samantha's Top 5 Styling Secrets that
Make Any Outfit More Stylishly You

Styling High Level Women Worldwide


"I stand before my closet with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Infinite combinations, each a reflection of my true self, stare back at me. I feel empowered, confident, and undeniably "me" again. To Samantha, thank you isn't enough. You've given me back a piece of myself that I thought was lost, and for that, I am eternally grateful." - Anastasia, CEO of her CPA Firm/Mom of 2

"Samantha has forever changed my life! Working with her gave me the confidence I was hoping for and helped me create the most badass look. I’m so grateful for her, she’s so talented and supportive! I will be reaching out to her in the fall for a refresh! Thank you so much!!" - Jamie, HR Manager of large entertainment & events company


I am thrilled with my experience working with Samantha and what I got out of the process. Her expertise and guidance I received in dressing for my body type has been a game-changer. Not only has it elevated my overall style, but knowing which colors work best for me and how to accessorize has truly transformed the way I approach dressing myself each day and buying new clothes. The closet cleanse was an eye-opening experience that helped me gain a clear understanding of my wardrobe, making it so much easier to put together stylish outfits every day. And I loved the Look Book! I find myself referencing it at least once a week for inspiration and new ideas. Thank you, Samantha for empowering me to look and feel my best! 

- Sarah, COO of an advertising company, Top 100 Executive in Philly




We create a style personality that aligns with you, your goals, who you want to be, and your lifestyle. We'll tackle any style blocks that are currently happening. You'll also receive education on what your body shape is and what cuts/fits align with how you want to shape your body shape.



We go deep into the closet and edit what does not serve you in your closet to make room for the items that do. We'll understand what items need to be donated or added into your wardrobe that align with your style personality and body shape.



While you build your empire, Samantha will build your wardrobe by shopping for the right pieces that will complete your wardrobe based on what we've discussed in the previous steps.



Samantha will create and style outfits for you in a style look book so you don't have to stress about what pieces go together. You'll have ready to go, prestyled looks that make getting ready fast, easy, and fun again.

The Process


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