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"I highly recommend working with Samantha if you are unsure of your style, or just need a wardrobe refresh! While I’m not a mom, I was drawn to Sam’s personality and content and reached out to see if she worked with other clients, which she does. I had no idea what to expect, but she far exceeded my expectations. I love the way she structured her program, and found so much value in it all. She created a workbook for each lesson, which contains so much valuable information. The zoom calls are super fun, and are a mixture of lessons, and interactive style sessions, which is fabulous, so you can get real time advice. You also have access to Sam throughout the program to answer any questions, or receive feedback, which is so helpful! All in all, you will leave the program with a clear sense of style, and learn how to properly dress for your body. I left the program feeling like a completely new woman, and think everyone should invest in a program like this at least once in their life!"


- Brianna S. | 1:1 Coaching Client

I highly recommend working with Samantha if you are unsure of your style, or just need a w

Meet Samantha

Samantha Dawn is a personal stylist, style coach, & a mom who helps women reinvent themselves through style. After years of getting dressed for the comfort of others, Samantha learned how to redevelop her personal style through her own personal development - and she's teaching you how to do the same.


Samantha has guided many women on how to create their own style and build an intentional wardrobe to allow them to show up confidently & authentically in their lives.


Are you ready to do the same?

Personal Styling Services

Work with Samantha 1:1 and experience a style transformation that reinvents you and your wardrobe through a style makeover.

Stylishly HER

Learn how to reinvent your style and confidence step by step in this 8-Week Live Group Coaching Program.

IG/Tiktok Partnerships or Wardrobe Styling

If you are a company or brand that wants to hire Samantha for social media partnerships or for photography/video productions, please email for rates. 


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