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Hi, I'm Samantha!

I'm different from your average Personal Stylist - I didn't just wake up one day and decide I want to have a career in fashion, I went through a dark period of wanting to feel like I belonged. What started off with the wrong intentions, but ended up as the best thing to help me feel like my true self again?
Personal Style.

As a Filipina-American that grew up in a military family, I never felt like I "belonged".


As a first time mom who went up 3 pant sizes after postpartum & pandemic weight gain, who never "bounced back",  I never felt like I "belonged".

But after my entire life of trying to fit in and dress for the comfort of others, I finally found the courage to realign my own personal style on my own terms and I'm proud to say I rarely self-doubt myself in my own clothes.

Using my background in psychology, my certification in personal styling, and a dash of what I use within my own spirituality, I help other women feel confident in their clothes again from the inside out. I coach women how to not self-doubt themselves despite body changes or despite what others have to say. 

You deserve to feel confident and beautiful in your clothes too, and I'm going to show you exactly how to start to make it happen.

My philosophy believes in coaching you on how to build your personal style WITH you so you feel empowered to do it on your own when our time together is complete - I teach you the "why's" to build your confidence in yourself & how you get dressed.

My Philosophy


My Mission

My mission is to teach women that feeling stylish and confident, doesn't come from your clothes - it comes from you. 


I'll show you everything I know on how to transform your style that makes people want to take pictures of you because of how good you'll look, but I'll make sure you understand the inner transformation so you can confidently feel and look like the version of yourself you truly want to be.

I don't just focus on style - I focus on the inner work too so you can better understand how to get dressed with the right intentions. 

When your personal style aligns to you, your confidence grows, the self doubt minimizes, and getting dressed turns into a fun part of your day.

  • I'm hanging out with my family
  • I'm working on my own personal development
  • I'm binge watching a Korean drama
  • I'm eating foods without a care about how many calories it has
  • I'm staring at photos of my son while he's sleeping
  • I'm listening to a podcast or r&B music

When I'm not Working:

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