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Meet Samantha

Samantha is a personal stylist and style coach who helps high level women find their leveled up every day style so they can reestablish and own who they are in their next era.

As someone who gets caught up in the daily grind of life: running her business, taking care of her kids, being her own human, Samantha's style wasn't reflecting or owning who she is. 

Using her education in psychology and style, finding her leveled up style became a personal development tool to help her reestablish herself and own exactly the badass she is. In turn, she magnetized increased amounts of confidence, more money in her bank account, villages of the right type of people to surround her, and so much more.

Samantha has been featured in InStyle Magazine, has styled for major brand companies, and has helped style hundreds of women globally achieve their own style and similar results that Samantha has achieved.

My mission is to help 100,000 high level entrepreneur women find & level up their every day personal style to own who they are, feel confident in themselves & their clothes, and show up magnetically in their next era.

My Mission

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Fun Facts

I like all things personal development, psychology, and woo woo and if I'm not doing something related to those things, I'm hanging with my family full of boys (2 sons, 1 shiba inu, my husband who is my high school sweetheart) that are my world.

My guilty pleasures are kdramas, chocolate chip cookies, and boba. 

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