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What Clients Had to Say

"Life has a funny way of throwing curveballs, and somewhere between raising a few amazing kids and juggling a high-stress job, I lost a bit of myself. My wardrobe began to reflect the daily grind, and I found myself stuck in a never-ending cycle of comfort wear and impulse buys that lacked any real reflection of who I was. I knew I deserved better.

Enter Samantha. From our first consultation, Samantha didn't just see the frazzled, overworked individual before her – she saw the vibrant, dynamic soul beneath. With a careful blend of compassion and expertise, she unraveled the tapestry of my style, pinpointing the elements that truly resonated with my essence.Gone were the days of regretful purchases and outfits that made me feel less than stellar.
Samantha's approach was incredible, teaching me to make informed, thoughtful decisions about every piece of clothing. Each choice was a blend of practicality and personality, ensuring I could look and feel my best, all while handling the whirlwind that is my daily life.

Now, I stand before my closet with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Infinite combinations, each a reflection of my true self, stare back at me. I feel empowered, confident, and undeniably "me" again. To Samantha, thank you isn't enough. You've given me back a piece of myself that I thought was lost, and for that, I am eternally grateful."


"To say working with Samantha was a delight would be an understatement! My experience with her far exceeded my expectations of what I would gain from working with a personal stylist and style coach. Throughout the entire experience, she was punctual, thorough, kind, and genuine. Samantha doesn’t just tell you how to dress but also WHY so you can continue to make great style decisions on your own. Most importantly she provided a judgement-free space to share what I wanted to emphasize, what I wanted to minimize, and how to do it in a way that was unique to my body, personality, and lifestyle. If you’ve been thinking of receiving a service like this for months/years but been too nervous to make the leap like I was, I highly recommend Samantha’s no-BS approach to upgrading your life!" 


"Samantha was kind, detail oriented, patient, honest and such a safe space throughout the entire process. She took time to break down each step of the style process and ultimately left me with invaluable information I can use forever.
Thank you so much Samantha!"


"Samantha was great to work with. She's kind and compassionate and gently encourages you to get out of your comfort zone so you can see the results you're looking for. She's honest, which I greatly appreciate. I highly recommend working with Samantha if you want to find your style."


"Samantha is warm, friendly, and attentive. She made me feel very comfortable! She explained every step of the process as we went, and I always knew what to expect from each session.

I reached out to her because I was looking for a “fashion therapist”—someone who would help me figure out how to express my authentic self through the fabric I put on my body, and who that person even is.

Samantha was exactly that person. Working with her was empowering and wonderful. I’m so excited to show up for the next chapter of my life with clothes as a new creative outlet. Thank you for everything! 💕"


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